What we do

We design and create custom-made “turn-key” industrial systems according to the needs of our Customers. We specialize in all kinds of aeromechanical systems, such as:


SIAT - chi siamo 1




All systems are made with up-to-date and most efficient devices and neutralize industrial pollution, while making the workplace healtier and more comfortable and helping increasing production.



SIAT - chi siamo 2



Centralized systems to collect chips from numerically controlled machines inside engineering workshops.



SIAT - chi siamo 3




FUMES, MISTS AND VAPOURS PURIFICATION: Most modern systems against industrial pollution, having high efficiency filtering media.






SIAT - chi siamo 4

AIR CONDITIONING, INDUSTRIAL VENTILATION, AIR CIRCULATION AND AIR BARRIERS: Most advanced centralized systems providing best environmental conditions at the lowest operating cost possible.



SIAT - chi siamo 5



PHARMACEUTICAL / FOOD INDUSTRY: High efficiency and high safety systems against contamination.

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